Inspector Cluzeau stood at the door of a house with a lady and a dog. He asked the lady,

“Does your dog bite?” She said no.
He entered; the dog bit him. He told the lady,
“But you said your dog does not bite!” She replied,
“This is not MY dog.”


A man goes into a bar with his dog and tells the bartender,
“I have taught my dog how to talk.” The bartender says,
“I don’t believe you.” The man says,
“Yes, listen; tell him, Rex, what is on top of a house?”
The dog makes “Roof! Roof!” The bartender says,
“Come on, that’s nothing!” The man says,
“O yes, listen to another one. Tell him, Rex, what upholds a tree?”
The dog makes “Root! Root!”
The bartender ridicules,
“Don’t fool me!” The man says,
“Listen to one more. Who was the greatest baseball player of all times?”
The dog goes “Ruth! Ruth!”
The bartender kicks them out. As they leave the bar, the dog says to the man,
“Perhaps I should have said Joe DiMaggio?”

- Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

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