The Lesser Known Dramatist in a most recognized film maker - Launching Three Books on Sinhalese Stage Plays by Dr Dharmasena Pathiraja


The veteran film maker Dr. Dharmasena Pathiraja is hardly known to the present day generations as a dramatist but today it is revealed that the early stage of his career as an artist was committed to the stage theater of Sri Lanka.

Why we say this is that he has produced several theatrical texts in the 1970s and today the stage has been set to launch some of those early works by him on the Sinhalese theater very soon.

Pathiraja who also worked as a University don earned his Master degree (MA) from the University of Perdadeniya on a study titled “Sinhala Naatye Aakruthiya haa Anthargathaya athara Aragalaya” (roughly in English as the struggle between the form and the content of Sinhalese theater”). Including this academic study and three other books related to the stage theater by Dharmasena Pathiraja, namely, “Kora Saha Andaya” which was scripted by him as an original play and directed by veteran dramatist Dhamma Jagoda, “Putu”, a Sinhala translation of a play by Eugene Ionesco Directed by himself for State Drama festival 1971 and it was won best translation script in the festival. another original play script titled “Vankagiriya” will be launched on Thursday 31st August 21, 2017 at 4.00.p.m. at the auditorium of the Mahaweli Center, Colombo.

At this event, Professor Carlo Fonseka, Mr. Kapila Kuamara Kalinga and Dr. Saumya Liyanage will make short comments on these works on the contribution made by the veteran film maker Dharmasena Pathiraja to the Sri Lankan theater and the organizers kindly invite the admirers of Pathiraja’s cinema to participate in this event and pay their tributes to the lesser known playwright in a most veteran cinema personality in Sri Lanka today.

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