Murder on the Orient Express (2017) - A suspenseful thriller about a train journey like no other

- By Kalendra Withana

Kenneth Branagh was indeed very brave to take on Agatha Christie’s iconic novel and regenerate it under the mechanisms of contemporary cinema. The original cinematic re-telling of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ came out in 1974 and attracted a decent range of audience responses.

Therefore, a lot of pressure was placed on Kenneth’s hands with regards to his direction of the film. How well, one may ask, can the director capture the innovative essence of the original story for its delivery onto modern day screens? Is he going to change the plotline a little bit and put his own personal twists on it? It was questions like these which therefore intrigued me to sit down and watch the 2017 remake of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ for myself.

And thus, I may therefore conclude that I was not disappointed by Kenneth’s rendition of the story. It is clear that every mechanical aspect of the film was carefully crafted to generate a ‘wow’ response from the audience. I give particular praise to the film’s stylish and dynamic editing, which was perfectly suited for a thriller that is meant to keep you on the edge of your very seat. Particularly towards the grand finale of the film, without not wanting to give anything away, I noticed that my anxieties were being reflected in the nature of the edits used.

And let’s not forget about the glorious mise-en-scene of the film. The attention to the presentation of the film’s scenery made me feel like I was overlooking the snowy mountains with the cast. Even on the actual train, every single piece of the transport’s décor just complimented each other and simply emphasised the aesthetically pleasing notion of the film.

Credit - IGN.

In addition, the all-star cast was simply superb. With big names such as Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Michelle Pfeiffer gracing the big screen here, I believe that Kenneth Branagh’s 2017 remake is definitely not one to miss. I can wholeheartedly say that every single actor worked spectacularly with the film’s gripping direction, delivering exceptional performances that successfully allowed the audience to empathetically connect with the characters.

The famous Johnny Depp starring as the story's 'Rachett'. Credit - Hollywood Reporter. 

The list of praises just go on and on, but I can all in all say that Kenneth Branagh’s take on the story of ‘Murder of the Orient Express’ was marvellous and exactly what I as a spectator was anticipating for. If you are a fan of your Hollywood detective thrillers, I thoroughly recommend for you to witness the magnificent delights of this remake.

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