After 2100 years the Path to Nibbana has been rediscovered.

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The history records the past existence of fully enlightened ones (Arahaths) until 450 years after Gouthama Thathagatha’s demise. About 50 years after this period Thripitaka was written down. Since this was written down there is no record of Arahaths.

According to rock edits (Prof. Wimal Wijerathna) The last arahath was Maliyadeva who lived during King Dutugamunu’s era and at the time of death of the king, he was said to be in old age.

       Why then there has been no Arahaths after tripitaka was written down?.
       Why do we not see Arahaths at the present time?.

It is recorded in the history that there have been tens of thousands of Arahaths living before Tripitaka came into being.

This is a very controversial issue. Buddhists believe Tripitaka is sacred and they believe so assuming that what is written there is true. But only a few pursue it further to find out why nobody became enlightened after the Tripitaka was written down.

There are two possibilities.

                1. What has been written is wrong or adulterated.

                 2. The way people apply and practise is incorrect…. 

                     Or it could be both the above

This problem can only be solved by somebody who has at least attained Sothapanna stage (stream entry into enlightenment) because he or she has seen through the eye of Panna what reality (“yatha bhutha”) is. Currently in Sri-Lanka there are over 400 people who have attained this level of knowledge via this first stage of enlightment. Many preachers do not even know seeing nibbana happens at stream entry (Sothapanna) and not at full enlightenment (Arahath). For some who has seen nibbana it is easy to detect mistakes and adultrations in Tripitaka, because of Supra-Mundane Knowledge he or she gains via Panna.

In Sri-Lanka as mentioned above there are many who have attained stream entry. This is a good sign and this has happened after 2100 years of people living in the darkness.

Dr Gamini Abhaya (

To be continued…….

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