Yahapaalana govt. – beginning of an end?

A conflict has arisen in the government due to the letter sent by president Maithripala Sirisena to the Supreme Court, asking if he could remain in the job until 2021.

That is because neither the prime minister nor the key government affiliate UNP had been informed about it. The prime minister discussed the matter with UNP ministers at Temple Trees, where they strongly criticized the president.

The two sides have become distanced due to the president not giving a copy of the bond commission report to the PM. Due to today’s incident, relations between the two have come to a standstill. Meanwhile, the president has decided to table the report in parliament on January 17.

A majority of UNP MPs believe the Mahinda Rajapaksa led joint opposition and president Sirisena have got together to sabotage the government. However, the PM has rejected the idea and advised his ministers to be careful, as the JO could gain advantages through it. The PM still has fullest confidence in the president, but maybe not with SLFP ministers. He expects the president will not violate the confidence as it was the UNP that played the key role in his election to office.

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