Trump’s legal team facing trouble due to the President being an out-of-control client

By Kalendra Withana,

From the ongoing federal investigation into Russia and having to actually control the President’s actions, it is safe to say that Trump’s lawyers have got many on their plate to deal with.

But the situation is more pinned on Trump himself, who is perceived as being virtually unmanageable, according to his legal team.

Following a meeting in which the President’s lawyers advised him not to publically disclose a particular topic, Trump had the audacity to then tweet about this said subject.

The President himself is known for not always co-operating under the guidance of his advisers, particularly during his election campaign, in which he utilised social media on an explicit level in order to convey his views.

The President’s ego highlighted in his tweets.

According to The New York Times Magazine, on the subject of his Twitter use, Trump said: “It’s my voice”. “They want to take away my voice. They’re going to take away my social media”.

Trump initially employed his legal team following the allegations of Russia having interfered with last year’s presidential election.

However, nearly two months after Trump hired his counsel, there have been reports that the client is difficult to keep up with and this stems from his avoidance of legal norms.

When in a general meeting, it is reported that the President has a habit of turning the conversation onto the Russian investigation, even when the meeting follows an entirely different subject matter.

Conflicting tension also exists between Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s legal teams.

Head of Trump’s legal team, Marc Kasowitz, claimed that he was irritated at Kushner’s “whispering in the president’s ear” regarding stories about the Russian investigation without the legal team’s approval.

There is additionally the problematic question of who will pay the administrative legal costs for the Russian inquiries. Sources claim that some working in Trump’s favour are known to be pushing the Republican National Committee (RNC) to generate the funds.

It has however been reported that not all of Trump’s legal team are characterised with feeling tension.

Michael Bowe, member of Trump’s counsel, said: "The legal teams have worked together smoothly and professionally from the start."

"Stuff is moving fast and furious," one source in association with the legal teams told The Washington Post.

"The tensions are just the tensions that would normally exist between two groups of lawyers starting to work together and struggling with facts that we don't all know yet."

Sources – Business Insider, The Washington Post

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