A violent violation of our sovereignty”, says North Korea in response to UN sanctions

By Kalendra Withana

The recent introduction of hard-hitting UN sanctions has been of no good news to North Korea. As a result, the country has explicitly rejected such arrangements.  


It is reported that these sanctions were an imposed response to North Korea directing two missile tests in the previous month. On the subject of the programme, leader Kim Jong-un guaranteed that the weapons could destruct anywhere in the US.

Sanctions placed on the country include the banning of exports of coal, iron, lead and other commercial North Korean products.

It is believed that the outcome of this rule will cause the country’s annual export income to decrease by as much as $3 billion. Furthermore, this sanction is anticipated to remove vital economic links between North Korea and China.

Further sanctions target the country’s association with joint ventures, where it is ruled that no new venture investment or collaboration with North Korean individuals is to take place.

In response to such regimes, the North Korean capital Pyongyang said that the sanctions were a “violent violation of our sovereignty” and vows to take effective action against the US.

On the subject of the US, the capital threatens to make the states "pay the price for its crime... thousands of times".

As well as this, whilst being under threat by the United States, North Korean officials disclose that no negotiation over nuclear arms is to commence with any country. This will therefore enable the country to independently proceed with its nuclear arsenal.

The North Korean missile programme is a deadly national security scheme; with the country having recently made developments on long-range missiles that can obliterate extensive numbers.

Even though the reliability of these weapons remain uncertain, North Korea stands by its proposition that they can easily be delivered to the US and target different states.

It is reported that North Korea faces mass opposition in relation to its retaliation and rejection of these sanctions.

China, its neighbouring ally, have stood by the United Nations and supported the imposition of these regimes.  

In discussing the welfare of the rest of the world, US President Donald Trump engaged in a phone conversation with his South Korean colleague, Moon Jae-in. According to a White House Statement, Trump declared that North Korea “poses a grave and growing direct threat”.

The President furthermore issued on tweet on Sunday, claiming that he was "very happy and impressed with 15-0 United Nations vote on North Korea sanctions".

Sources – Aljazeera, Business Standard, Digital Look, BBC News.

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