US reiterates call for a credible mechanism

The US reiterates its call for a credible mechanism to investigate war crimes allegations in Sri Lanka. Assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs Alice Wells made the call while testifying before the finance committee on South Asia for 2018.

She placed before the committee a list of specific steps to be taken to ensure that Sri Lankan fulfilled her promises to the UNHRC with regard to justice for victims of the war. They also include a constitutional amendment that empowers provincial councils more, an internationally-acceptable replacement for the PTA, return of civilian land by the military, establishment of the OMP, truth and reconciliation commission and a compensation office.

In 2015, Sri Lanka promised to the UNHRC to establish a court assisted by foreign judges to try war crimes allegations. At its 2017 session, the UNHRC gave two more years to fulfill them. However, the government now refuses foreign judges.

Wells expressed the commitment of the US for reconciliation in Sri Lanka, during a visit to the island early this month to meet the president, PM, opposition leader, politicians, and civil society activists.

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