Things are getting worse for us Machan' – 'govt. will not fall until 2020, Machan’


GMOA president Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya recently met another doctor, who is not a nobody, but Rukshan Bellana, who plays a key behind-the-scene role in the Mahinda faction.


Padeniya told him, “Things are getting worse for us, Machan. Can’t you tell the boss and get a game going? Striking work will not work again. Doctors are disappointed. Can’t you tell the boss and bring down the government? We will support in every way possible.”

Bellana replied, “This government cannot be brought down, Machan. The president and the prime minister will somehow take this government until 2020.”

This made Padeniya very much concerned, and Bellana went on, trying to calm him down, “Don’t daydream, Machan. Side with the government and get something done. Now, SAITM is not likely to be abolished. The government has already won the SAITM battle. Therefore, any strikes will be meaningless.

A few months ago, Padeniya and the GMOA did not want to discuss with the president or the PM, but later took a step backward and discussed with the PM and the health minister. It will not come as a surprise if they take another few steps backward and abandon the various poltical and other groups that are in the battle against SAITM.

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