Mahinda’s strange compassion
The bond issue came under discussion at a meeting of the joint opposition MPs recently, chaired by ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa. In the beginning, most of the MPs said a no-confidence motion should be moved against Ravi, who has earned displeasure of the entire country, draw public attention and inconvenience the government. A powerful figure close to Mahinda said, “SLFP ministers are disappointed. Some have agreed to support if a no-confidence motion is brought against Ravi.”
Listening to them, Mahinda said in his thug-style tone, “No, No. it is useless to bring a no-confidence motion against Ravi. If a no-confidence motion is to be brought, that should be against the government.”
That brought to the mind of the MPs how their boss behaved when a no-confidence motion was moved against Ravi previously. “The boss even did not come to parliament that day. When the government laughed at us about it, we had to face it,” they started talking among themselves.
Towards the end of the meeting, most of them came to understand the reason for this strange compassion of Mahinda. But, none of them was bold enough to ask about him openly. They told each other while leaving, “We are remaining with the boss, although we can support the government, become a minister and mind our businesses. But, this one strikes deals with the government secretly. What a shame. This was the best opportunity to inconvenience Ravi and the government and get the SLFP set to our side. Our boss will save himself through deals. But, there will be nothing for us.” 
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