‘They’re afraid of releasing our children’ (video)
The issue of the abduction and enforced disappearance of 11 youths, including five schoolboys, on or near 17 September 2008 has resurfaced following the arrest of former Navy spokesman Commodore D.K.P. Dassanayake on suspicion. They had been abducted with the intention of extorting money, but the issue is now being used to gain political objectives.
It is not surprising to see double-tongues in politics, and we do not believe the people are so foolish not to understand those political manipulations. Not only these 11, but many more were made to disappear. Only a handful returned, and the fate of the rest still remains a puzzle. That is how the people’s right to live was snatched by hiding behind power in this blessed land.
But, the fight has been ongoing for nine years now to ensure justice for the missing youths. Their families continue to suffer untold pain over their lost loved ones. Justice should be served and their struggle should be strengthened further. We have a responsibility to write this on their behalf.
Jennifer Weerasinghe, the mother of one of the missing youths, 24-year-old Mohamed Dilan Mohamed, is still fighting to see justice.
Our children are living, it is certain!
With that hope they spend the days struggling with the dark memories of the past.
Can the pain for children be understood?
They did everything at their disposal to find the children. They went everywhere. They wrote to everybody. But, how many heard their voices?
If they were abducted, tell us their fate!
They have come very far now. That is why the incident resurfaced despite attempts to cover it up from society. Several suspects have been arrested. More revelations will be made tomorrow. Therefore, various disruptions come in the way in different forms.
Don’t want politicians’ involvement, CID will do its duty!
If someone is to understand the pain of the other, that person too, should undergo that pain. Tears are the heaviest when falling from own eyes. Smiles have been torn away from their faces. What is needed now is not grief, but justice.
Ashika Brahmana/Nishantha Priyadarshana
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