05 August 2015
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Shashi Weerawansa invested Rs. 150 m in Salaka casino

shashi weerawansaShashi Weerawansa, the wife of engineering and construction services minister Wimal Weerawana, has reportedly invested Rs. 150 million in the controversial casino ‘Salaka Regino’. She has given the money for the casino to its owner Vajira Janaki Nettikumara through her sister-in-law Sudharma Nettikumara.

No one knows as to how Shashi has earned such a huge sum that has been invested in the casino project. She has never done a job in her life and inherited nothing from her parents. Vajira has told Shashi that in light of the prevailing situation, she cannot pay back her investment. Shashi does not have any document to prove that she had given the money. Vajira has threatened her that if she continued to demand the money from her, she would have to tell all to the media. Shashi has become helpless, since her husband, minister Wimal Weerawansa, has refused to intervene, as the two are having a crisis of their own these days.

The wife of a very top person in the government has asked a renowned lawyer to look into a way of getting Shashi to claim the money. The involvement of this lady is further casting suspicion on the entire episode.

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