Court Order to determine cause of deaths of Turtles along Southern coastal belt

A Judiciary Order has been issued to determine the cause of deaths of Turtles along the Southern coastal belt and to inform the Judiciary.

In the event the cause is owing to a human phenomenon to arrest those involved.This Judiciary order has been issued by the Tanglle Magistrate and District Magistrate Mahee Wijeweera to the Headquarters Inspector of the Tangalle Police station and the Fisheries Inspector on the 20th instant

It is reported that during the recent past a number dead Turtles have been washed ashore between the coastal belts of Tangalle and Hambantota.

It has been concluded by the wild life security officer of the Kalametiya wild life office Uthpala Adaranga that no injuries had been seen on the dead bodies of the Turtles washed ashore dead.However according to him he had said that the deaths cannot be owing to natural causes.

It is suspected that these deaths may been caused by "madhu"nets deployed by fishermen to catch "Madhu" fish in the deep sea. During this attempt the Turtles may have been caught and died without sufficient air to breath.The wild life security officer had confessed that in the event the prohibited nets are used could be the cause for the deaths of Turtles.

However three bodies of dead Turtles have been sent to the Veterinary Surgeon of the "Eth Athuru Sevena"Udwalawe for a thorough examination.The wild life security officer Adaranga had identified these Turtles into two varieties as "Kola" and "Batu" Turtles.This information has been conveyed to the Magistrates courts .

The Magistrate had wanted the postmortem report to be submitted to him.He also had wanted the authorities to monitor the fishermen and find out whether they use banned nets or any other traps to catch fish.In the case suspects are caught to be brought before the law.The Magistrate had wanted a complete report to be submitted to him before the 31st March 2017.Thes instructions have been given to the Headquarters Inspector of Tangalle Policeand to the Inspector of Fisheries Tangalle.

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