Gammanpila forgets what he did with Sudda’s assets sale money
Udaya Gammanpila’s swindling of millions of rupees worth of assets owned by Australian Brian Schedrick is well known to the public. Gammanpila had maintained that the accusation was false, but a sworn affidavit he had submitted to the Supreme Court is an admission of his guilt.
His friend Sydney Jayasinghe too, through a sworn affidavit, admitted having obtained millions of money by selling Shedrick’s assets. 
But, he says he cannot remember what he had done with the money, but his forgetfulness is a fabrication to sneak through legal loopholes. Their sworn affidavit is available from the court. (Related excerpts are given here)
Gammapila said at the outset: “police have now found that Brian Shedrick never owned Pan Asia Bank shares. He should have shares to be robbed. The second thing is that there is no evidence that he ever gave me an attorney license.” Video evidence on 20 August 2015.
Now, he admits Brian had shares, and that he obtained money by selling them. (Excerpts are marked in yellow).
gammanpila 1
gammanpila 2
Readers may also remember how Sydney’s son Amila was caught with money trying to bribe officers of Welikada prison where Gammanpila and Sydney were remanded. Given below is how the duo were seen at the opening of a Pivithuru Hela Urumya office on 02 January 2017.
Lasitha Perera 0775 319 943 (Brian Shedrick’s attorney license holder)
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