10 pc allocation for graduates at LG polls, a deception?


The special delegates conference of the SLFP graduates union unanimously adopted a proposal at a meeting at the SLFP headquarters yesterday (09) to allocate 10 per cent of nominations to graduates at the upcoming local government election.


Senior vice president of the union, minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, who chaired the meeting, said the proposal would be submitted to the president and the SLFP general secretary next week.

He said graduates will be given jobs in a transparent manner irrespective of political differences, saying that SLFP governments have always been doing that.

Although the SLFP tries to portray this as an opportunity given to graduates, this makes it clear that 90 pc of nominees will be uneducated, non-graduates. Even if 10 pc are given nominations, how many of them could win at the election? A graduate without a job winning an election is a joke too.

Previously, laws were formulated to allocate a 25 pc women’s representation, and it is unclear about the graduate women’s representation.

Another thing is that a degree as a qualification to be a politician is only 10 pc. How can a country be developed with such persons.

Nothing has to be said anew about the ‘transparent manner’ the SLFP-led government had acted in the past. Instead of sending new proposals to the government, Siyambalapitiya and other ministers should stop sending their cronies’ lists to state institutions for jobs.

Therefore, the minister’s remark is another attempt at deceiving graduates.

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