Could the law have been flexed before Lal Sirisena’s Landcruiser?


Two motorcycles were run-over and killed by a speeding jeep driven by Nenasiri Pragnaratne Sirisena, aka Lal Sirisena, a brother of the president, at dawn on September 09. Lal fled after the incident, later surrendered to police, and was remanded by the Polonnaruwa magistrate’s court.


The incident at Ethumalpitiya clamed the lives of two brothers – A.M.J. Jayaratne, a JVP activist who was to contest the upcoming local government polls, and A.M.J. Buddhadasa, a kidney patient. They had been returning after obtaining treatment for Buddhadasa around 1.30 am, when the incident occurred.

Lal drove the Landcruiser. Eyewitness accounts prevented another person from being presented as the driver, lankatruth website reported.

Lanka News Web tried to contact JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake, and after several unsuccesful attempts, managed to get in touch with him. He said he was busy and that he would call back. That call did not come. Both the CID and the media ministry said they were unaware of such an incident. Until night, no mainstream media properly reported the incident that happened in the early hours of the morning.

What is going to happen is what happened in the past. This was the same policy when it came to the family of the former president. Police didn’t know, media ministry didn’t know.

President Maithripala Sirisena did not mediate. Lal was sent to Anuradhapura prison. Those who made calls did not open their mouths for their usual fear of the ‘HE’. If not for the JVP intervention, this could have been yet another unresolved road accident.

After Lal was arrested, top police officials telephoned the president and he told them, “Why are you asking me? Enforce the law irrespective of positions”, lankaenews reported. The question lies there. Why did the police telephone the president, instead of enforcing the law? To flex the law if the president told them to do so?

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