Do the GMOA need an anti-SAITM president for SLMC? - Saman Rathnapriya
National Trade Union Front convener Saman Rathnapriya said that GMOA (Governmnet Medical Officers’ Association) and students’ movement not happy with the appointment of Professor Colvin Gunarathne as the president of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) at a press conference held today at the office of Government Nursing Officers Association (GNOA).
“GMOA and student movement pointed out that Professor Gunarathe is a pro-SAITM person. If so, do they need an anti- SAITM president for SLMC? Some of Joint Opposition politicians said that Professor Gunarathe was a national list candidate for the last election, but it is wrong. JO politicians misguide the nation and spread fake information.”
Showing the gazette notice about the national list of the candidates to the media Rathnapriya told that Professor Gunarathne’ name was included for the national list of pro-Mahinda Rajapakse.
“We urge the government to take prompt action to solve the SAITM issue.”
Rathnapriya welcome the governments steps have been taken for benefit of the health service and SAITM.
Reported by Lawrence Ferdinando
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