Taiwan hackers sent commercial bank’s money to Sri Lanka! UPDATE

Yesterday (06), Lanka News Web published an article titled ‘Hackers sent Taiwan bank’s money to Sri Lanka!’ We have further details.

Sri Lanka has been able to take speedy steps after it came to be known that the gang had hacked into the Taiwan bank and sent the money they had stolen to other countries, including Sri Lanka. So far, one suspect has been arrested.


The stolen money amounts to 600 million US dollars, and only Rs. 200 million out of that amount had been sent to Sri Lanka. Soon after coming to know about it, the related bank accounts were suspended and a watch was kept on the account holders until they came to withdraw money. One youth, the son of a retired major general of the Army, was arrested with Rs. 40 million.

The Central Bank should supervise the transfer of such a huge sum of money to Sri Lanka. However, the bank had neglected that duty, and its corrupt officials had clearly aided the hackers. The CB should both identify the customer and the source of the money in such instances. But, no supervision took place and the money sent to the accounts.

It was not recently that accomplices in the bank have aided criminals. Previously, the CID sought an order from the bank to investigate public complaints over the CIFL that defrauded their money. But, the order came three months later, and by that time, CIFL owner Deepthi Perera had fled the country. However, he is today behind bars. But, the CB officials who had aided him are still in the bank.

Therefore, an investigation should be conducted and the errant CB officials arrested. What is striking is that the money had been sent not to ordinary people, but to top level figures.

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Hackers sent Taiwan bank’s money to Sri Lanka!

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