Hartal in north for political prisoners

The Tamil People’s Council and the national movement for the freedom for political prisoners call for support to hold a hartal in the north on the 13th in support of political prisoners. The TPC led by north chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran and the movement’s convener Fr. M. Shaktiveel have made the request.


The Jaffna University has already extended support, with trade, transport and fisheries organizations are expected to follow suit. The focus of the hartal is said to be that the government should pay attention to the releasing of political prisoners.

Political prisoners are kept along with prisoners on death row, which is unreasonable, and they should be sent to other cells. Also, filing action against them should take place at Vavuniya courts in order to prevent any language issues. A speedy solution for the political prisoners who staged a fasting is also sought.

Romesh Madhusanka - Wanni

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