Hartal in north, protests in Colombo on Friday for political prisoners’ freedom!
Reports say a hartal is to take place in the north on the 13th to demand the government releases political prisoners. It coincides with the protest campaign in Jaffna since Monday by the national movement to free political prisoners. A protest will also take place in front of Colombo Fort railway station, a spokesman for the movement said.
Three political prisoners are staging a fast for the 16th day, but authorities are unlikely to address their grievances. They are protesting against the transfer of their case from Vavuniya high court to Anuradhapura high court.
Another reason is the government failure to respond to calls by political parties, civil organizations to release the odd-135 political prisoners being held under the PTA.
Eight years after the war, the government has released LTTE leaders, but these persons still remain behind bars without any justifiable reason, says the movement.
As the first step towards reconciliation, they should be released unconditionally, it adds. 
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