Shall we learn from Rahul ?
Vice president of India's Congress party, Rahul Gandhi has said he felt "sad and guilty" at the "murder" of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in 2009, as well as his 12 year old son, Balachandran. 
His comments were made this week when he spoke in Gujurat as part of a campaign tour. 
Speaking to students in Vadodara, Mr Gandhi said, “I will tell you something personal. My father was killed by Tamil Tiger Prabakaran. When Prabakaran was killed and I saw his body, I didn’t know why but I felt very sad and guilty. I told Priyanka that I felt sad after seeing Prabakaran’s body and she also said the same. She also felt sad at his murder, his son’s murder.” 
“These are my family’s values. We know what it means to face murder and killing,” Mr Gandhi said.
With Prabhakaran’s killing, the war ended and that was celebrated with Kiribath, and that is marked every year as well, with state patronage.  
Rahul’s remarks are a slap in the face of the monks and so-called national leaders who speak about the pride of the Sinhala nation and value of Buddhism and took the lead in the celebrations.
No one who follows Buddhism can be happy by the death of a human or an animal. Those who celebrate Prabhakaran’s end can never be a Buddhist.
Rahul was 21 when he lost his father, at a time when he badly needed him. Therefore, he should have a deep hatred against his killers. But, he is saddened by the end of his enemy and tells the value of humanity to the world.
Politicians and religious leaders who preach about nation and religion can learn a lot from Rahul, the foremost being how to think like a human.
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