Namal finally remembers human rights

Remanded MP Namal Rajapaksa has complained to the UNHRC regarding the arrest of a group including him.

He has tweeted that they have been unreasonably arrested and remanded for appearing and protesting for the protection of national assets. The others in remand custody with him are MPs D.V. Chanaka and Prasanna Ranaweera and provincial councilors Upali Kodikara, Sampath Athukorale and Ajith Prasanna.

When the Rajapaksas were in power, they violated the human rights of many and acted as if human rights were non-existent for them. Also, they branded the UNHRC and HR groups as foreign conspirators and ignored their recommendations and advice. The Rajapaksas believed they would rule forever, but in an irony of fate, they have suddenly remembered human rights, only after they lost power.

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