‘Kaapu Beepu Welaawata – Punchi Vihiluwak Keruwata’
Finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera has said that he would lodge a complaint with the Police Commission once he returned home, in connection with an article published by us yesterday (15) under the headline ‘Mangala leaked my video to the media – IGP’. Mangala has said so when Sri Lanka Mirror website raised the article published by us.
IGP Pujith Senadhi Bandara Jayasundara would be the happiest that the minister was only going to complain to the commission, because he knows for sure that the matter will not go beyond that. Certain members of the commission are getting police officers to dance to their tunes by saying that there are accusations against them. If the commission rejects that, we are ready to prove it with facts.
It was nearly five months ago the complaint by the police headquarters elevator operator Samarakoon Banda, threatened and assaulted by the IGP, was sent to the Constitutional Council and the Police Commission with our legal support. Unconfirmed reports say the CC chairman has told the IGP to resign with dignity. But, he has not taken that any seriously. The IGP continues, not to correct himself, but to boast about his wrongs as heroics. For that, he must be getting the support of someone very powerful. IGP Pujith best knows the well known saying by Velupillai Prabhakaran that Sri Lankans remember things for two weeks only.
Mangala and Pujitha are the best of friends. When the minister returns home, the IGP will go and meet him, salute him, and sing the song ‘Kaapu Beepu Welaawata – Punchi Vihiluwak Keruwata’ and settle the matter between them, as he is a good singer. Even if Mangala is not fooled by the police chief and lodges a complaint with the Police Commission, that complaint too, will end up in the same file containing Samarakoon Banda’s complaint.
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