Constitutional Assembly Debate - Monday

The ‘Constitutional Assembly Debate’ on the controversial ‘Steering Committee Report’ will begin on Monday, October 30th.  The debate will be held as a 3 day session, between October 30th and November 1st.              

The Constitutional Assembly has met 5 times since 5th April 2016, the date of their first meeting., and all such meetings focused only on the appointments of the steering committee & several sub committees in addition to submitting proposals, The forthcoming Monday session will be the initial debate focused on them. At this session, the report of the Steering Committee, which has already been presented to parliament by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on September 21, will be widely debated.


If there is no extension, of its life the role of the Constitutional Assembly will conclude its task, of the constitution drafting process by 1st of November. After that the Steering Committee would be drafting the final draft of the new constitution, with the new amendments.
Subsequently,, the parliamentary stage, including obtaining 2/3 majority, will begin.

The 'referendum' will mark the 'decisive conclusion' of this protracted process.

Surekha Samarasena

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