Young Royalist been killed by a nasty cab accident

A young school boy of Royal College Colombo has been killed by a nasty cab accident which took place in Rajagiriya in the early hours of today(12).

Three boys are in critical condition at ICU-General Hospital Colombo, latest reports say. The boys being members of the Media Unit of Royal College, were on the way returning home after attending to the preparations of "Intense" a school's carnival event.

The cab they used to travel has been skidded off the road and hit a wall.

Due to this situation the administration of Royal Collage has announced that, "Intense" which was due to be held on 12th November has been canceled.

It has been complained that many students of popular schools have been led to so much of extra Curricular activities. It has become kind of a passion today. The parents say that their children are more dedicated and sacrificed time, money and put much effort into these work more than they dedicate and concentrate on their studies and exams. 

If the children are this much dedicated for their schools, shouldn't the schools and there authorities should be more aware and pay their utmost response towards those children?

- Chavini Abhayasinghe

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