CoPA report in Parliament today

A complete report on the investigations carried out by the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts (CoPA) is to be presented to Parliament today, said the Chairman, Min. Lasantha Alagiyawanna.

This includes information on 831 state institutions which were to be reviewed by the committee in 2015, and the 831 consist with 50 Ministries, 91 Departments, 18 special expenditure units, 25 District Secretariats, 45 Provincial Ministries, 23 Municipal Councils and 271 Divisional Councils.

And the reviews on investigations done in 2016 is to be submitted to the parliment before this year ends.

CoPA, one of the two Finance Committees in Sri Lankan Parliament consists of 12 members who are been appointed by a selection committee representing all the parties, and their duty is to review the management efficiency and maintaining financial discipline in the Sri Lanka's government, ministries, departments, provincial councils and divisional councils. It is expected to review about the financial grants and the expenditure of the citizen by the committee.

21 Finance Committees have been appointed since 1948 upto now. And Min. Lasantha Alagiyawanna is to present the 21st CoPA report to this 8th Parliament today.

- Chavini Abhayasinghe

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