Arjun Aloysius cheated by all
Perpetual Treasuries and its owner Arjun Aloysius have been found responsible by the presidential commission that inquired into the bond scam. The commission recommends that the Rs. 11,145 million lost to the state be recovered from him. 
However, leaving alone paying that money to the state, Arjun is in a very bad way financially, unable even to run his businesses. 
Politicians, public officials cheated him
After the revelation about the bond scam, several politicians and public officials had cheated him and obtained millions of rupees with a promise to get him cleared with the support of top government figures and officials of the attorney general’s department.
Most of them received the money through his Mendis company, reports say. The government has decided to take over the company in lieu of the loss from the bond sale.  If that happens, he will lose all his business activities. He is unlikely to be given any leeway and will be found guilty along with PTL.
In order to escape the charges, he spent billions on media institutions too. But, to no avail. Owners of several media organizations cheated him and got him to pump his money into their businesses, and even started a new newspaper. The head of a beneficiary radio channel has told him pointblank that he could not help. Arjun had pumped millions of rupees for the radio channel that had been on the verge of closure. He has no relief from the new newspaper, for which he has spent billions, including high salaries for journalists who had previously served at other media institutions. 
Janayugaya, a loss
He started Janayugaya newspaper to answer the allegations against him and to build an opinion in society in his favour, but by the time that he understood that it was futile, he had spent a massive sum on it too. He has told his friends that those at the newspaper have cheated billions out of him. Many journalists have deserted him, and the newspaper is run with loans obtained from his friends. The newspaper is likely to be closed down soon.
Meanwhile, the Central Bank has frozen Rs. 1,200 million of his money, and is unlikely to release it. Using the bond scam charges, many have swindled money out of Arjun. After the presidential commission issued its report, all of them are avoiding him. Now, he has no financial strength and has to depend on what his friends give him.
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