PM not given bond commission report copy
Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been met with his close associates to discuss the measures to be taken by the government and the UNP with regard to the report of the presidential commission that inquired into the bond scam.
No copy received
He told them that he could not decide until after studying the report, and the surprised visitors asked him about his delay in studying it. The PM told them that he was yet to receive a copy, which left them wondering how the average public could have the report when the head of the government was yet to have one.
The PM’s associates told him that they were surprised by the treatment meted out to the prime minister, who is also leader of the party that led the campaign to elect the incumbent president to office.
PM returns to Colombo
Wickremesinghe cut short a New Year vacation in Nuwara Eliya after getting to know the report has been handed over to the president. He has asked the president three times for a copy of the report, with the head of state saying he was out of Colombo and would give him one once he returned.
At a decisive movement, the heads of the government and the state should meet and discuss, but the two are yet to meet after the commission report handover. They will do so only at the upcoming cabinet meeting.
Ravi threatened
The PM’s office has written to the president’s office asking for a copy of the report. Ex-finance minister Ravi Karunanayake too, yesterday went to the president’s office and handed over a letter to the president’s secretary, asking for a copy. A messenger returned with a reply, telling Ravi not to ‘dance too much.’ The president said in his special statement that even if Ravi is cleared from the bond sale allegation, the commission has recommended that he be taken to court over bribery charges.
(pictures – Dhananjaya Seneviratne)
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