Military personnel linked to crime campaign against Fonseka
Several quarters have become alarmed by the media reports the Sarath Fonseka will be appointed the law and order minister. One of them is members of the military linked to various crimes during the Rajapaksa regime, such as abductions, disappearances, murders and threats. Some of the accused are presently in remand custody. If Fonseka is appointed the law and order minister, they well know that the law will be strictly enforced against them.
Ex-Navy commander Wasantha Karannagoda too, is concerned, as he has been having differences with him during active military service. He is accused over the disappearance of 11 Tamils youths of Colombo.
Most of these members of the military are Rajapaksa supporters. They are the ones who had committed crimes to serve the needs of the Rajapaksa family. They remained free as the law and order ministry did not make sufficient interventions to enforce the law against them, and it was one unfulfilled promise of the ‘Yahapaalana’ government. Both law and order and justice ministers had to resign as they followed a policy of protecting the criminals.
Military personnel linked to crime are trying to prevent Fonseka’s appointment. They are creating news that he is without the qualifications required for the positions and that he would take personal revenges if appointed.
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