Conflict continues in Kandy- UPDATE

President holds discussion, Social media services temporarily halted

Individuals, officials and organizations took Twitter to tweet, warn, inform and express their thoughts about the ongoing community clashes in the Kandy administrative district in Sri Lanka. 

The conflict which is being continued for the fourth day today, have taken a deeper communal turn after  the reports stating the attack of Buddhist temples, mosques and shops  in Digana and Teldeniya areas in Kandy. 

In order to address the seriousness, President Maithripala Sirisena today visited Kandy and held discussions with the law enforcement authorities  and religious leaders and have ordered the armed forces to strengthen security in the area. This announcement comes the following day after President Sirisena announced ‘State of Emergency’ in the country. 

Meanwhile, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) temporarily blocked the services of social media, including, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, YouTube and Instagram in a bid to halt the circulation of sensitive media and fake news, which is adding fuel to the current situation. 

The United Nations in Sri Lanka also expressed its concern over the issue and released a media statement. “The United Nations urges authorities to take immediate action against perpetrators and to ensure that appropriate measures are swiftly taken to restore normalcy in affected areas,” the release stated. 

Earlier today, the Inspector General of Police imposed 24-hour curfew this afternoon with effect from 4 p.m. today in the Kandy administrative district. According to sources, 2 individuals have been killed and nearly 10 have been injured. This is the first time the country, has announced ‘State of Emergency’ since the end of the 30 year long civil war. 

Last week, Ampara district in the Eastern Province witnessed a similar situation after a Muslim chef of a roadside restaurant was accused of adding contraceptives in the food served to the people of Sinhala community. 

The conflict initially began after the death of 41 year old man who was beaten by a gang of Muslims and succumbed to his injuries.

- Sinduri Sappanaipillai

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