We as a country should be against communal violence - Rosy Senanayake

The newly appointed mayor for Colombo, Mrs. Rosy Senanayake had pointed out that we, as a nation should not represent anyone who creates communal violence and disorder in a statement issued about the recent communal riots in Kandy.

The statement further mentioned about the riots in Ampara which happened a few days ago, the riots in Aluthgama and the 1983 black July riots indicating that we should search deeper for the root causes in order to prevent these happening in the future.

The statement said that the most disappointing fact is our inability to see through these riots and consequences. There is a massive backing up to these minorities, which cause these riots. History too suggests a religious frontier is the easiest way to cause such calamities. If this nation acts in a biased way, the minorities will succeed in their mission, which makes it our duty to solve these problems at the grass root level by pressurising the authorities. In which we failed.”

However, we are not late and we still have the opportunity to make amends and prevent the occurrence of these riots. But if we fail, the whole country will suffer, stated Mrs. Rosy Senanayake

- Feron Jayawardene

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