5 things to do to Save the UNP

Recently some UNP MPs met for dinner in Colombo 8. Topic was about saving the UNP. After 4 hours of deliberations they identified 5 things that needs to be done immediately.. they concluded that people who voted against UNP only wanted to express their anger over the government’s lethargy and inaction and removing senior elected UNP MPs as proposed by Party Chairman Samarawickrama was not a solution because they were elected by the people unlike Malik Samarawickrama. Whose only qualification to be a Minister was being a friend of the UNP Leader. Moreover he had foolishly given the entire media campaign to Dilith Jayaweera a key Adviser to Mahinda Rajapakse.

The Proposed five items

1. Ask the UNP leader-to get rid of his friends from the government, namely Charita Ratwatte, R Paskeralingem, Sagala Rathnayake, Malik Samarawickrama , Saman Athahudahetty and bring fresh faces. This is the second time they have ruined the government they noted. Malik Samarawickrama to be asked to give a statement of money collections .

2. Reduce the prices of 3 essential food items immediately by increasing the price of petrol and the taxes for super luxury vehicles.

3. Fertilizer subsidy should not be in cash should be Fertilizer

4. Get rid of national list MPs like Malik Samarawickrama,  RvSwaminathan and Thilak Marapana and bring in young people immediately.

5. Appoint a new party chairman and a General secretary for the UNP by April.

If these changes are not done they agreed to agitate under the leadership of a state minister and request speaker Karu Jayasuriya to step in to save the party.

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