TGTE welcomes ex – army chief’s confirmation that SL forces committed war crimes against Tamils

 Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) today welcomed a statement by the Commander of Sri Lankan Forces during the war, Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka, confirming that Sri Lankan Security Forces committed War Crimes against Tamils during and after the war ended.

His confirmation of war crimes by Sri Lankan forces comes after eight years of denial by successive Sri Lankan Governments that no war crimes were committed and calling Sri Lankan forces ’War Heroes’.

Sri Lankan Government rewarded ex-Servicemen with senior Government positions, including appointing Field Marshall Fonseka as the Minister for Regional Development and General JagathJayasuriaas the Ambassador to Brazil.

Field Marshall Fonseka’s confession to war Crimes committed by forces under his command came, when he summoned journalists to his office on September 1st and said that he has information about General Jayasuria committing war crimes and that he is ready to give evidence. “I know he committed Crimes and I am ready to testify before a proper investigation.”

He went on to say that war crimes were committed even after the war ended: “He committed crimes during and after the end of the war.” “I have a lot of information.”

Field Marshal Fonseka also said to journalists that he had information regarding other ‘Officers who committed crimes’.

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) urges United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Human Rights Council and others to act swiftly to bring perpetrators of these international crimes to face justice. “UN should not miss this opportunity.”

According to the UN Internal Review Report on Sri Lanka, around 70 thousand Tamils were killed in six months in 2009 and Tamil women and girls were sexually assaulted and raped by Sri Lankan Security forces. Sri Lankan Security forces also bombed hospitals and food distribution centers, resulting in several Tamils dying of starvation. Tens of thousands also ‘disappeared’, including hundreds who surrendered to the Security forces.


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