Tamil National remembrence day, 2017
On the 27th November, Tamils across the world mark the Tamil National Remembrance Day, in memory of the Tamil freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom.
Thousands of fighters and civilians lost their lives in pursuit of freedom and justice to attain the political rights and protect the Tamils from genocide. The right to mourn and honour the sacrifice of those who fought for the common good, is a universally recognised right. This has been denied to Tamils in Sri Lanka for decades. Sustained international campaign by human rights organisations and Tamil diaspora organisations have forced the Sri Lankan government to allow small scale memorialisation events to take place. Tamil people in the homeland have taken upon themselves to recreate and recover the destroyed tombs of the fallen Tamils, despite the intimidation and threats by the Sri Lankan military. We salute the courage of the Tamil people in the homeland. The Tamil Diaspora’s sustained campaigns and international action can bring about changes on the ground, despite the oppressive nature of the occupying Sri Lankan military.
This gives us further hope to pursue our mission of creating and sustaining an international pressure mechanism through available human rights organisations throughout the world. Despite promising full implementation of the UNHRC resolution 30/1 (2015), no substantial changes have happened in Sri Lanka. The missing persons office has not been operationalised despite several promises to the international community, as highlighted by the UNHRC High commissioner in his speech at the last meeting in Geneva.
While saluting the immense sacrifices made by the fallen heroes and the Tamil civilians, we pledge to continue their struggle for the emancipation of the Tamil Nation.
BTF calls upon all Tamil diaspora organisations to unite against external and internal challenges and calls for the full implementation of the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka and expose the duplicity of the Sri Lankan government and the oppressive nature of its military occupation. We call upon the Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka to unite and follow the lead of the Tamil people to face the oppressor courageously and provide leadership for a mass political struggle to force the Sri Lankan government to implement fully the internationally recognised and accepted resolution on Sri Lanka. We call upon the international community to take decisive actions to ensure the Sri Lankan regime delivers on the promises made forthwith, as justice delayed is justice denied.
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