Sri Lanka’s biggest ever disaster in private banking

Hatton National Bank that proudly announced recently that it is in the Global 1000 Rankings for Banks created history when they went public with the names of their priority customers with their bank balances.

The Bank had sent out a mail titled EXCLUSIVE OFFERS FOR HNB PRIORITY CIRCLE CUSTOMERS with an attachment. When customers checked the attachment, it was an spread sheet and it contained their deposit balances with the bank with their names and email addresses and contact details.

This is the first time in the history of our Banking Industry that a Bank has breached the secrecy to such an extent.

The Central Bank should take immediate steps to take action against the Bank and the Board of Directors for this serious breach of confidence. We are not publishing the balances in the public interests.

Observers say the Bank Board has only one or 2 Directors on the Board who know anything about banking and the Chairman is a Criminal Lawyer. The Bank could face several lawsuits in the coming days.

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