Collection from police stations to pay Lalith Jayasinghe’a lawyer fees!

An attempt is being made to collect Rs. 25,000 from each police station in Uva and Central provinces to pay lawyer fees of senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe, who is in remand custody over the court case in connection with the gang rape and murder of schoolgirl Vidya at Pungudutivu in Jaffna, junior policemen of the two provinces have informed Lanka News Web.

A certain DIG has issued the order to make the contributions, but we refrain from revealing his identity as we have so far been unable to confirm that as true, and also because he has so far been having an unblemished service record.

Juniors who had to suffer under Jayasinghe when he had been serving in these two provinces are vehemently opposing this attempt to collect money on his behalf. Police sources say he will be represented at court by top legal adviser in the ex-Rajapkasa regime, Kalinga Indatissa. What is ironical here is that the person who had mediated to get Indatissa’s legal support for Jayasinghe is a senior DIG who has earned the wrath of the Rajapaksas.

Rs. 10 m fixed deposit for Jayasinghe

The CID has now revealed that Jayasinghe has had a Rs. 10 million fixed deposit maintained at Lalith Kotelawala’s Golden Key financial company, but to the name of a family member. The CID is presently investigating his bank accounts too, and is watching how hundreds of thousands of rupees get deposited to one account every month, in addition to his police salary.

A suspect in the case has confessed before the magistrate that he had given Jayasinghe Rs. 40 million to facilitate Swiss Kumar, who had masterminded the Vidya crime, to flee to Colombo from Jaffana.

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