‘Royal fraud’ at chemistry question paper

A student of Royal College, Colombo had committed a fraud by using electronic equipment when writing for the chemistry question paper at the GCE A/L examination in collaboration with a tuition master by the name Jinendra Ranasinghe. Both the student and his father, a doctor at the police hospital, have been arrested, reports say.

The student has taken pictures of the question paper and sent them to the tuition master, who had stationed himself near the examination hall and sent him the answers over the mobile phone. The student had listened to the answers with a gadget worn in his ear and wrote for the exam.

In order to cover up his fraud and to gain publicity for himself, the tuition master had printed and distributed a leaflet claiming the chemistry paper had two questions he had mentioned to his students.

By the time he was exposed and the CID went to his home, the man had fled the area. There, the CID found a sum of Rs. one million, which the student’s father had admitted to have given to the tuition master. Investigations are continuing, supervised by SSP Shani Abeysekara, against the tuition master and the other persons involved in the fraud.

Meanwhile, the Police Department is coming under pressure internally to ignore the incident, saying that it had been done by a schoolboy. Education experts say however, this is a serious matter as the quality of Sri Lankan exams will suffer internationally. They question as to what the examination hall inspectors had done until such a fraud had taken place.

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