Police under pressure not to oppose bail for exam cheat, his father!

Police are under continuous pressure not to oppose bail for the student of Royal College, who is accused of having cheated at the GEC A/L examination’s chemistry paper by using technical equipment, and his father.


The case is due to be heard at the Gampaha magistrate’s court tomorrow (04). The student’s father is a dentist at Police Hospital, and all those who have obtained his services claim it to be a minor incident and that far worse frauds take place the country, and pressurize the police to allow them bail.

They say the judge will not object if the police do not oppose bail, and are pressurizing police not to object when bail is applied. Among them are past students of Royal College, who are trying to protect the ‘royal’ name of their alma mater.

That is taking place in the background of a five year ban imposed on the boy against sitting for any examination being conducted by the Examinations Department. Examination authorities are taking firm decisions, but it is sad to note there is pressure within police to flex the law.

It has come to light that he had photographed the question paper and sent it to a private tutor, who had given him the answers through an audio device. His father has paid the tutor a sum of Rs. one million. The boy and his father were arrested immediately, but the tutor went into hiding and was taken into custody only last week. All three are due to be produced before courts tomorrow.

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