Inside story of how father, son in exam cheat got bail – second exposure

Lanka News Web on September 03 published an article saying that the police were under pressure not to oppose bail for the student who had cheated at the GCE A/L examination’s chemistry paper, and his father, dentist Bangamarachchi at the Police Hospital. Proving that true, the Gampaha magistrate’s court granted bail for the student, his father and the father of the private tutor. Bail was refused for the private tutor Jinendra Ranasinghe and his brother. We will reveal with details how police were prevented from opposing bail for the cheats.

Rs. 3 m lawyer’s fee
The dentist father has obtained the services of Sumith Parakrama Perera, a lawyer practising at the Homagama magistrate’s court and a close friend of CID director, DIG B.R.S.R. Nagahamulla. He has publicly admitted having received a Rs. three million fee for the case.
Nagahamulla’s predecessor was old Royalist, DIG Mahesh Perera, who telephoned the CID and inquired if they would allow bail for the exam cheats.  CID officials said bail could not be granted as the investigation was still ongoing. But, DIG Perera insisted that they would allow bail, as he already knew what the CID did not know.
Super farewell party for Nagahamulla
Since a successor is due to be appointed, Nagahamulla was given a farewell party at a well known hotel at Kochchikade in Negombo last week. All ranks of the CID attended. There, Nagahamulla introduced lawyer Perera to the officers who are investigating the exam fraud. Then, he influenced the investigators not to oppose bail. In the end, magistrate D.A. Ruwanpathirana gave the accused bail as a result of a conspiracy by the director of the CID.
According to reports reaching us, the Rs. three million lawyer fee also includes the gratifications for various persons. According to DIG Perera, it was lawyer Perera who paid for Nagahamulla’s farewell party. Money can bend the law, according to the experiences of the Sri Lankans.
There is worse to come. The CID searched tutor Ranasinghe’s home and found the Rs. one million given by Dr. Bangamaarachchi, we reported previously. Then, the CID went and searched the dentist’s home and found Rs. nine million. He claimed he earned the money through private practice.
Bangamaarachchi might be a genuine dentist. But, surely he would not have charged hundreds of thousands of rupees per client to each that much of money. Also, it is suspicious as to why he kept the money at home, instead of depositing it in a bank. The CID believes he has obtained money from other students to help them cheat at the exam.  That is why this should be investigated deeply. But, the power of money and the strength of the CID director have made sure that he got bail.
LNW will make further exposures in this regard. Also, if CID director Nagahamulla has anything to say, we will accommodate it too.

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