Mendis company in billion rupee excise tax fraud!

The Mendis Company is involved in a massive excise tax fraud with the support of the acting excise commissioner general, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

The company produces 125,000 litres of toddy, or 50 barrels, a day, but it shows only 17,500 litres, or seven barrels, for tax purposes.The balance 107,500 litres, or 86 per cent of its production, go untaxed, and the figure amounts to several billions of rupees.


The company has been able to commit such a massive fraud due to the support given it by acting excise commissioner general A. Boderagama, who gets a considerable return from the company every month, reports add.

The owner of the company is Arjun Aloysius, also implicated in the Central Bank bond scam.

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