The DIG for whom president’s order is not applicable!

Lanka News Web previously made a revelation, on July 30, about DIG (supplies) Priyantha Weerasuriya. He responded to it, and we published it without any change to ensure the right to reply. However, we have to write about him once again.

 Police know very well that Weerasuriya has a talent to make use of his position, but keep that a secret. Leaving alone his performance as the DIG in charge of supplies, his supplies for himself are so good that it is amply demonstrated by the luxury house he is building at Udumulla road in Battaramulla. We must say that it is not his house, but a house of the police, as the police bear all costs for its construction. Police work hard for the house that is coming up on a nine-perch plot.

In a place like the police, juniors have to serve the personal needs of the superiors, which is due to the fault of the big bosses. Weerasuriya uses vehicles, personnel of the police for the construction of the house. Further, he has erected a ‘walking fence’ around his property. Located behind it is the Diyawanna, owned by the UDA. He is expanding his property, by using debris from buildings dismantled in Colombo and suburbs. He is increasing the elevation of the land too, blocking the flow of water. The UDA knows this illegal act by him, but does nothing as he is a DIG. The first citizen of the country has declared land filling as being illegal. That order is not applicable to DIG Priyantha Weerasuriya.

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