Sajin deceives govt. with promise of Mahinda’s secret information

Sajin Vaas Gunawardena is preventing legal action against him by way of promising the government secret information with regard to financial dealings of the Rajapaksa family, reports say. Previously, Lanka News Web published an article titled ‘Sajin dares govt. to send him to prison’.

Concluding its investigation into charges against Sajin that he had misused vehicles belonging to the presidential secretariat, the CID sent its files to the attorney general in May 2015. Other than being briefly remanded, there are no signs that Sajin will be punished by the law.

His files are in the custody of deputy solicitor general Thusitha Mudalige. He is said to be an excellent official. But, he is facing a situation similar to a person, whose hands are bound together, is thrown into the sea and ordered to swim. He cannot act due to strong pressure from the government side.

Identifying him as the secret financial advisor of Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sajin is a real ‘game player.’ The two first met in Dubai when the former was the opposition leader. Leading businessman Ravi Wijeratne sent Sajin to show Mahinda how to enjoy nightclub life in Dubai. That ended by Mahinda getting Sajin to Sri Lanka to obtain his services.

Arriving home, he threw a super party, complete with alcohol and women, for all top officials at the time in the office of the leader of the opposition. He secretly videoed the party and used it to expel all of them by Mahinda. Then, he started using Mahinda as a puppet and was a key figure during the Rajapaksa regime. Shiranthi could not stand him and along with other Rajapaksas, used to call him the ‘baggage boy.’ But, that ‘baggage boy’ became very rich and still remains that way due to his sly plans.

There have been reports of black money owned by the Rajapaksas. Sajin has promised the government to provide secret information in that regard and is taking it for a ride. The AG’s department is prevented from acting against him, but he gives no information either.

The government is waiting for Sajin to expose the Rajapaksas. What he does is lie to the government, bide his time and talk big everywhere.

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