Lalith Jayasinghe arrested again

Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe, bailed out on September over having harboured the main suspect in the gang-rape and murder of Jaffna schoolgirl Vidya, has been arrested once again.


He was taken into custody today on a charge of concealing evidence in a murder of a person by the then deputy minister Premalal Jayasekara alias Choka Malli in 2015.

Lawyers have said a deathbed statement by the person, who was shot as he was involved in decorating a propaganda rally at Kahawatte on 05 January 2015 for Maithripala Sirisena’s presidential campaign, is certain to convict Jayasekara. However, investigators found pages referring to the incident in the police complaints book had been removed. Policemen on duty, under interrogation, said they had done so at the instigation of DIG Jayasinghe.

Lanka News Web has exposed many illegal acts by Jayasinghe. However, there is a facebook page titled ‘Justice for Lalith Jayasinghe’ aimed at whitewashing this corrupt policeman as a political victim. It includes a video in which Asath Salley is certifying to the character of Jayasinghe. The fb page’s sponsors had even used the video in their paid propaganda activities.

In a previous article, we revealed that two Muslim businessmen in Prados had followed Jayasinghe after he was arrested. That one, Salley’s recommendation and this sponsored fb page will also point to the DIG’s business connections and the persons who are trying to save him.

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