Registration of Persons, Immigration & Emigration Depts. are dens full of thieves
Massive tender fraud and corruption are reportedly taking place in the Departments of Registration of Persons and Immigration and Emigration. Controller of the latter has taken both institutions under his grip and is responsible for the wrongdoing, say workers of the Departments of Registration of Persons.
For the past 12 years, Epic Lanka has been getting the tender for the printing of air tickets, as its owner Nayana Dehigama is a friend of Controller of the latter. Raising the printing price every year, the duo shares the profit together with ex immigration and emigration controller Viani Gunatilake who is now commissioner of registration of persons.
Dehigama gives foreign trips once or twice a year and all the worldy pleasures for the two officials and keep them under his grip. They are being assisted in the racket by the ministry secretary and assistant secretary Bandara, and are laying the foundation to make sure that Epic Lanka gets all the major tenders in the future.
They have given the tender for the supply of cards to the Department of Registration of Persons to a company friendly with them that has not provided the quality reports, by ignoring the companies that have the required qualifications. That company has referred the department to a foreign company recommended by it and that prepares the reports according their wishes. The result will be that many problems will arise in the printing of the cards. The ministry secretary, Bandara and Gunatileke have been given a five-day tour of Hungary although they have no understanding of observing the printing institutions.
Gunatileke is plotting to grant new tenders of his department to Epic Lanka too, with Controller of the latter masterminding it. That company has borne all expenses for the funeral of Gunatileke.
The ‘Yahapaalana’ government took power with a promise of eliminating swindling, fraud and corruption. But, no good governance can be expected by filling institutions with the corrupt who swindle public property and lead super luxury lives. No one will know until the very foundation of the government is demolished by the new thieves, as the government keeps on talking about old thieves.
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