Basil, Risath plot fails; president to takeover CAA!

The president is considering taking over the Consumer Affairs Authority following the revelation of a conspiracy by the joint opposition to get prices of essential commodities increased artificially with the aim of destabilizing the government.


The prices of coconut, sugar, big onions etc. have already gone up as a result of this conspiracy. The president has strongly reprimanded internal trade minister Risath Bathiudeen over this, reliable sources say.

At a meeting the president had with trade union leaders in the essential commodity market, Bathiudeen has agreed to implement all their proposals to control the prices. Then, the president inquired from him as to why he was wasting time if he was in agreement with the proposals. Sources close to the president say the minister is having a deal with JO’s Basil Rajapaksa and has created an artificial increase in the prices that give big profits to the intermediaries.

‘Sathhanda’ has reported the president has received a list of ministers who have links with Basil and try to destabilize the government. Minister P. Harrison too, is indirectly getting involved to make sure the intermediaries earn big profits, TUs allege.

Harrison could not be contacted for a response, as he was said to be at meetings.

Parakrama Dissanayake - Sathhanda

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