A line from the big story of Chulananda Perera
Finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera should be commended by citizens who support good governance for having transferred director general of customs Chulananda Perera to the pool, on the basis of the findings by the Attorney General’s Department and the CID that are investigating him.
Investigations point to his having had close links with human traffickers during the period he was the controller of emigration and immigration. ‘Katta Ravi’ was behind ‘Sun Sea’ that arrived in Canada along with more than 400 Tamil refugees following the conclusion of the 30 year war. Already repressed by the Sri Lankan military, they were manipulated and relieved of what they had, by charging each Rs. 2.5 million to lease the ship to take them to the Canadian waters, where he left them helpless. He has earned more than one billion rupees through that. He lives in Bangkok, Thailand, a haven for human traffickers.
‘Katta Ravi’ provides food and accommodation, vehicles etc. to Chulananda when he visits Thailand. Chulananda is a corrupt official with a very disreputable history. He described before courts as a legal passport one prepared by Dhammika Amarasinghe, an underworld leader of Kaduwela, by pasting a picture of his on a passport belonging to someone else. It is not known how much he had received from the main suspect, Thilanga Sumathipala, the then, and now, cricket chief, for doing that.
Senior advocate at the time Yasantha Kodagoda named Chulananda an adverse witness, but he escaped without being indicted due to the support he received from the then attorney general. Also, in 2004 when he was the deputy controller of immigration and emigration, Asirivadan Satyabavan, Thevaraja Sasikaran and Sujith Gunapala were imprisoned and their passports impounded in Thailand on a charge of having supplied weapons and communication equipment to the LTTE. It was Chulananda who had supplied them with passports after the LTTE got a royal parole for them, according to the CID.
It is surprising such a corrupt official still remains a free man. The AG’s Dept. now has a chance to file charges against him under clause 45C of the immigration and emigration act, as Samaraweera has transferred him to the pool. We have further information, but refrain from revealing them, as it will disrupt AG’s Dept. and CID investigations. We ask the AG if such corrupt state officials would continue to get immunity from the law.
Await details of how Chulananda extended visa for the sex workers at the nightclubs owned by his brother-in-law Karaoke Wasantha, and also obtained a Rs. 200 million bribe to cover up a racket of more than Rs. 20 million at BMW company.
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