IGP is partying as crime rages in Sri Lanka

Just like Nero fiddled when Rome burned, our IGP Pujith Jayasundara was seen at a luxury hotel together with the notorious businessman ‘Karoke Wasantha’ and his wife, while crime was spreading in the country like wildfire. One picture shows the trio at Hotel Galadari. The other shows Pujith, Wasantha and the coordinator of their meeting Lal Weerasinghe, former tele drama actor and now Wasantha’s supplier.


Wasantha became rich by chance, thanks to ex-minister Mahinda Wijesekara, who lives the life of an invalid after becoming a victim of the Aruressa bomb attack. At the time, Wasantha had the black money of Wijesekara, but only Wasantha knows how much. That is known in the business circles and in the underworld. Wasantha invested that money in various ways and became what he is today. 

As we exposed previously, former controller of immigration and emigration Chulananda Perera is his uncle. Wasantha had links to Chulananda’s human trafficking too. A well known DIG too, was seen at a hotel owned by Wasantha recently. Wasantha spends lavishly on various gratifications, including women, to cover up his rackets.

His grandfather is a former Pusari of a Kovil in Nuwara Eliya. He first ventured into hotel trade with the money he found by selling the grandfather’s lands. But, he is addicted to casinos. So, he strikes various deals to find the money to go to casinos.

Wasantha posted these pictures in his facebook page, to show his racketeer friends that the IGP is in his hands. Only he knows how many deals he has reached by using that. We do not care whoever parties with the IGP. But, this fool of an IGP should know that partying with such persons victimizes the country’s law.

He is partying with a notorious figure at a time when the country is experiencing a spate of crime. Yesterday, five members of the same family were injured in a shooting. Last week, three members of the same family were killed in a shooting. As the gangsters make the country a pool of blood, the IGP is partying with racketeers. Really, Pujith wears clothes merely as a habit, not to cover up his nudity.


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