Lanka caught up in US-Russia diplomatic row !
Sri Lanka is caught up in a diplomatic row between the US and Russia over the extradition of an alleged money launderer under the law of extradition, reports say. Identified as Manokin, the Russian man wanted by the US is presently living at Weligama. Several months ago, the US asked the Sri Lankan justice ministry that he be extradited as per the extradition treaty between the two countries.
Acting on the ministry instructions, the CID arrested the man and produced him before the Colombo high court. His lawyers made submissions to the effect that the Russian is a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka, that he had done nothing illegally, and secured bail for him. Thereafter, the US sent an international red warrant to Sri Lanka, asking that he be handed over.
After Russia got to know about the matter, it asked Sri Lanka to deport him to Russia immediately. Investigations revealed that this man had played a key role in the victory of Donald Trump at the US presidential election. US authorities investigating a Russian intervention in the election have laid a net for him under money laundering laws.
However, his lawyers have obtained a court of appeal order against his extradition to the US. Under provisions in the extradition act, only the president can decide if a person should, or should not, be handed over to another country. The president is under pressure by both countries who demand him. The government is caught between the two.
This incident shows that the Russia Mafiosi that supported Trump at the election are operating everywhere in the world. This man has been staying in Sri Lanka for his operation.
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