Russian demanded by US arrested at private hospital

The Russian national mentioned in the article published by us yesterday (03) titled ‘Lanka caught up in US-Russia diplomatic row!’ was arrested by the CID at Durdens Private Hospital in Colombo today.

There are two cases pending before the high court against the man, identified as Manokin Fardov, and only one case has an order issued preventing his arrest. The CID arrested him, as there is nothing to prevent that in connection with the case in which the US has issued a red warrant.

The CID got the magistrate to visit the hospital, who handed the protection of the man to prison officials and remanded him until November 06.

The US is exerting pressure on Sri Lanka to extradite him, but Russia wants him handed over to them.

The president has the power to decide the course of action, and defence secretary Kapila Waidyaratne will implement his decision.

This is just one point in a big series of event in which there is much more than an international black money racket.

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