IGP, do you remember Anandaraja, a predecessor of yours?

Top police officials are talking among themselves that IGP Pujith Jayasundara is now reaping what he sowed. That talk has intensified since the leaking of the video showing him assaulting an elevator operator and pictures of him partying with notorious Karaoke Wasantha. But, is he actually reaping what he sowed?


Anandaraja was the IGP when Chandrika Kumaratunga was the president. During a raid on the home of a drug offence suspect, several videos were found. One contained the IGP  partying with the suspect. That video was leaked allegedly by the PNB, of which the director at the time was none other than Pujith himself. The result was that Anandaraja had to go home without getting a service extension. 

Then, the president was not concerned as to how the video was leaked to the media. Since the accusation was correct, she appointed a new police chief. Today, things are different. What is being investigated is how videos showing wrongdoing are leaked to the media. 

Pujith talks about creating an unblemished police force. But, his closest associates are persons with tarnished characters. Karaoke Wasantha is accused of running massage clinics and brothels, and also of having beaten up a sub inspector for investigating him. There are eight accusations against him under investigation. Pujith is partying with such characters.

According to reports reaching Lanka News Web, the police commission has referred copies of our article to the constitutional council. That clearly is a passing of the buck. As it did previously, the CC will summon the IGP and tell him to take a decision.

We meant it when he said Pujith is wearing clothes not to cover his nudity, but merely as a habit. He has no sense of shame and remains in the position although the CC has asked him to resign. Therefore, someone with a backbone is needed to send him home. But, no such character is in sight. 

Pujith gets the parliamentary affairs secretary of the president to avoid trouble from the president. That secretary too, should be held responsibility partly.

Given below is how Surendra Wasantha Perera alias Karaoke Wassantha responded to our article through social media:

karoke wasantha 01

karoke wasantha 02









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